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12 July 2014 @ 12:37 am
Permanent Pokemon Sales Post  
*Rules and Sales info*

***When sending a payment, please write your username and what you are buying in the paypal note!***

General Sales Policies:

~People who COMMIT to an item get priority over people who ask for a quote. Only ask for a quote if you're seriously interested.

~If you back out of a sale that you are committed to, then I will leave you negative feedback. There are no exceptions whatsoever.

~Once I've given you your total, you have 24 hours from the time of my comment to send the payment.

~If you don't respond to me within 24 hours of receiving a quote, I will let the next person in line who requested a quote have the item.
   -If you decide not to buy after seeing my quote, PLEASE tell me that you don't want to buy the item(s).

~I don't do holds unless you send me a good down payment first, or if I've held items for you in the recent past, and I know you're reliable.
   -If you are more than 48 hours late on any payments of a payment plan, I will leave you negative feedback, no questions asked.  This can be changed to neutral feedback if you send the rest of the payments on time.

~I don't accept trades of any kind.

Shipping Info:
~All things here are in USD, and the prices do not include shipping or paypal fees.
~I ship from the United States, in the Central Time Zone (UTC-5).
~I'm NOT responsible for lost, damaged, and/or stolen packages in the mail. Please purchase insurance if you're afraid of these things.

~Shipping rates are as follows:
-The starting shipping price for shipping to the United States is $3.40.
-To ship to Canada, the price of a 0 g - 226.7 g package is $9.50. The price of a 0.2268 kg - 0.9071 kg package is $15.50.
-For all other countries, the price of a 0 g - 226.7 g package is $13.75. The price of a 0.2268 kg - 0.9071 kg package is $22.75.


~I was granted sales permission on 22 April 2012 by entirelycliched
~My feedback is here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/poke_zula/

MIP = mint condition in package
MWT = mint condition with tags
OBO = "or best offer"; you may offer a lower price for this item if the price seems too high

If you are unable to leave a comment here for any reason, please PM me. :) ...I know that LJ glitches up sometimes.



I tried to make this sales post "control + f" friendly EXCEPT for the PAN STICKERS, but please keep in mind, there might be typos!
Also, feel free to ask for more pictures of things, but only if you are truly interested in buying.


*****Note: All plush are Japanese, unless otherwise stated!*****
                              -All plush are OFFICIAL, unless otherwise stated!!

MWT 86 cm Lottery Eevee "Eeveezilla" plush -- $4500
*I am VERY open to almost any payment plan. Please don't be afraid to propose them to me. I will NOT sell this for any lower, however.
*Mewtwo pokedoll is only for size reference. It isn't for sale.

Charmander mini pokedoll -- $25
MWT DX Delphox Pokedoll -- $40
MWT Meowstic male pokedoll -- $20
2005 Torchic pokedoll -- $15
MWT Clauncher Pokedoll -- $35
Spiritomb Pokedoll -- $20 OBO this plush is missing the Odd Keystone.

Back of Spiritomb:

Keldeo Pokedoll -- $10
Litwick Pokedoll -- $25
Blitzle pokedoll -- $14
Serperior DX Pokedoll -- $45
There is a broken thread on keldeo's head:

2006 Eevee Canvas plush -- $105
Mint Vaporeon Canvas plush -- $70
Mint Umbreon Canvas plush -- $50
Vaporeon Canvas plush (Used condition. Tail is not attached to the side of its body) -- $45

MWT Flareon Canvas plush -- $52
MWT Vaporeon Canvas plush -- $85
MWT Umbreon Canvas plush -- $90
MWT Glaceon Canvas plush -- $60

Piplup Canvas 2006 Canvas plush -- $45
MWT 2007 sitting Shinx Canvas plush -- $30
Drifloon Canvas plush -- $30 (used condition)
   -The spot on Drifloon will be removed. The cloud on its head is not attached at one of the two points it             should be attached to.
Pikachu 2006 Canvas plush (left) -- $30
Pikachu 2010 Canvas plush (right) -- $20 (tail is not attached to its head)

MWT Plusle Canvas plush -- $60
Minun Canvas plush -- $55
MWT Chimchar Canvas plush -- $20
MWT Starly Canvas plush -- $25
MWT Ampharos Canvas plush -- $50

Charmander Canvas plush -- $22
Cyndaquil 2009 Canvas plush -- $25
MWT Treecko Canvas plush -- $32
MWT Minccino Canvas plush -- $28
MWT Gothorita Canvas plush -- $32

MWT Flareon Pokemon Center plush 2012 -- $30
MWT Jolteon Pokemon Center plush 2012 -- $40
MWT Vaporeon Pokemon Center plush 2012 -- $40
MWT Leafeon Pokemon Center plush 2012 -- $40
MWT Glaceon Pokemon Center plush 2012 -- $40

MWT Sylveon Pokemon Center plush 2013 -- $85
MWT Eevee Pokemon Center plush 2012 -- $40
MWT Espeon Pokemon Center plush 2012 -- $30
MWT Leafeon Pokemon Center plush 2012 -- $40
MWT Jolteon Pokemon Center plush -- $40

MWT American Gogoat Pokemon Center plush -- $20
MWT American Fennekin Pokemon Center plush -- $13
MWT Treecko Pokemon Center plush -- $20
MWT Amaura Pokemon Center plush -- $20 (hang tag crease)

MWT AMERICAN Froakie Pokemon Center plush -- $25
MWT Litten Pokemon Center plush -- $25
MWT Christmas Chespin plush -- $35
MIP Rockruff TOMY extra soft plush -- $25

MWT Vulpix Banpresto plush -- $30
MWT Emboar DX pokedoll -- $40
MWT Emboar Pokemon Center plush -- $57

Pansage Pokemon Center plush -- $6
Substitute plush (x2) -- $40 each
MWT Banpresto Banette I <3 Gothic plush -- $35
MWT Vulpix Kororin Banpresto Tsum Tsum plush -- $20

MWT Ho-oh Poncho Pikachu plush -- $35
MWT Dragonair Pokemon Time plush -- $50
MWT Meowth Worlds 2016 plush -- $35
MWT life size Shaymin TOMY plush -- $60

MWT fuzzy Dedenne Sekiguchic Moko Moko plush -- $30
MWT fuzzy Squirtle Sekiguchi Moko Moko plush -- $35

Mewtwo soft touch Kawaii plush -- $35
MWT Charmander soft touch Kawaii plush -- $17
MWT Eevee soft touch Kawaii plush -- $25
MWT August 2015 Sailor Pikachu plush -- $25

Zorua smiling Tomy plush -- $30
Magmortar UFO Banpresto plush (loved) -- $25
MWT Japanese Ditto plush -- $11    (Has tag crease. One eye protrudes a little bit due to the thread not being tight.)
Pikachu Banpresto 2000 plush -- $2

MWT Flareon TOMY plush 2012 -- $25
MWT Vaporeon Tomy plush 2012 -- $30
MWT Espeon TOMY plush 2012 -- $25

Leafeon I love Eevee keychain plush -- $8
MWT Flareon I love Eevee keychain plush -- $12
MIP Flareon mini pokedoll plush -- $18 (Flareon has been opened for display, but it and its package are still mint.)
MWT Jolteon I love Eevee 6" UFO plush -- $10
MWT Flareon Korotto Manmaru plush -- $18

"Running" Eevee keychain plush -- $35
MWT Flareon Trick Pose plush -- $30
Japanese Eevee fuzzy TOMY plush -- $35
Talking Sylveon plush -- $95 (works, but batteries aren't included)

MWT Dedenne "Pikachu and Friends with Berries" plush -- $26
MWT Minccino Patchwork plush -- $35
MIP Braixen TOMY plush -- $20

MWT DX We are Team Rocket Meowth plush -- $26
MWT DX Lapras Banpresto plush -- $30

1:1 Torchic plush -- $70
1:1 Mudkip plush -- $70

MWT Shiny Pikachu Patchwork Beams plush -- $75
MWT US Toy Factory Tepig 12" plush -- $6

MWT DX Ho-oh Banpresto plush -- $38
Mint condition talking Minccino plush -- $35  Let me know if you want to ditch the box to save on shipping costs. (Minccino still works; batteries not included)

American 13" Eevee play-by-play plush -- $25

MWT DX laying Dendenne UFO plush -- $15
MWT BOOTLEG Absol 12" plush -- $10

MWT Amoonguss MPC plush -- $11
MWT Hawlucha MPC plush -- $11.50
MWT Fennekin Petit plush -- $12 OBO
MWT Umbreon Pokemon Time mascot plush -- $30
MWT Flareon Pokemon Time mascot plush -- $25
MWT Growlithe Hip-Pop butt keychain plush -- $15
MWT Squirtle Pokemon Time plush -- $110
MWT Peeking Ditto Keychain plush -- $15
MWT Plusle movie keychain -- $8



Mint condition Jessie and Wobbufett G.E.M. figures -- $60
Comes in OPENED box. The box, figure stand, and figures are in mint condition. If you want to ditch the box for cheaper shipping, let me know.

Sleeping Pikachu Ippai figure 2017 -- $4
Mew Kyun Chara figure -- $20
Eevee Kyun Chara figure -- $12
Charizard Kyun Chara figure -- $20

Vaporeon Pokedoll figure w/ opened box -- $35
Flareon Pokedoll figure w/ opened box -- $35
Eevee Pokedoll figure w/ opened box -- $20

Japanese talking Squirtle figure -- $10 (still works. Batteries included!)
Japanese talking Meowth figure -- $3 (kind of quiet, does not work too well. Batteries included!)
Lapras Burger King rolling figure -- $2
Electabuzz Burger King keyring figure -- $3
Makuhita Hasbro figure -- $2
Yveltal zukan -- $5
Sandslash TOMY -- $3
MIP Black Kyruem Rumble U figure -- $10 (comes with pokeball capsule)
Mewtwo Rumble U figure -- $10 (comes with pokeball and pamphlet)
Pikachu laying TOMY figure -- $7
Old Flareon Zukan figure -- $30
MIP Mewtwo motion gallery figure -- $2
Lucario super size TOMY figure -- $4

Vaporeon attack kid figure -- $4
Litleo attack kid figure -- $3
Elektross attack kid figure -- $3
Hydreigon attack kid figure -- $4
Chespin attack kid figure -- $3
Zoura sparkly kid figure -- $6 OBO
Mightyena sparkly kid figure -- $10 OBO
Glow-in-the-dark Plusle kid figure -- $4
Glow-in-the-dark Minun kid figure -- $4
Clear Omanyte kid figure -- $2
Prinplup kid figure -- $1
Kirlia kid figure -- $2
Entei kid figure -- $2
Vanillite kid figure -- $3

MIP Mega Mewtwo X Kid figure (x2) -- $2 each
MIP Vivillon Kid figure -- $2
MIP Malamar Kid figure (x2) -- $3 each
MIP Flabebe Kid figure -- $3

MWT Kanto/Kalos 6"x8" Pencil Bag (top) -- $15
Happy Party Time Canvas Pencil Bag (bottom) -- $40  - mint condition, comes with detached hang tag
MIP Jakks Munna figure with stand -- $1 (can remove from package for cheaper shipping)

MIP Mewtwo D-Arts figure (special edition, with Mew) -- $225



Deoxys Play!Pokemon TCG playmat -- $22

Peeking Pokemon tote, Pikachu version -- $45
I've used this bag a few times and can atest to its sturdiness. Things to note:

*At least in the US, this bag is perfectly useable to take on airplanes as a personal item. (I don't know the airline regulations of other countries, so I can't make any claims about its use outside the US.)
*I would call the matieral a soft-type of canvas
*While the material is sturdy, the bag is collapsible and easy to store away when not in use.

*Bag has a FLAT bottom, which measures about 3.5" wide.
*Measurements: 15" H x 18" W. Inculding the dark blue zippered portion, this bag is 16" tall.
  **Bag expands to where the depth is about 12-13". However, the bottom quarter of this bag is slightly narrower than the top 3/4

*It features one hanging pocket on the inside, measuring 7" W x 6.5" H
*The front pocket with Pikachu on top of it is 5" W x 4" H

*This bag has had several loose threads inside ever since I purchased it in brand-new condition. I think it's just a perpetual problem this bag has, but it doesn't affect its functionality at all.

MIP Meowth Tretta chip -- $0.50 OBO
Clefairy pan sticker #2 -- $1
Bastiodon magnet -- $0.25
Swablu butt charm -- $3
Buizel butt charm -- $3
Azumarill butt charm -- $3
Hip Pop butt charm backing -- $0.50
MIP Delphox strap charm -- $2
Mega Absol pin -- $3
MIP Shedinja Pokemon Time strap -- $50
MIP Fennekin with you charm -- $5
MWT Dedenne+Kalos starters pokedoll keyring -- $28

Blaziken Tretta chip (x2) -- FREE WITH ANY PURCHASE. You can take both of them, if you like.
Shiny Metagross Tretta chip -- $0.50

2015-11-05 12.41.43.jpg
MWT Growlithe Hip-Pop bag -- $25

2015-11-05 12.40.42.jpg
Eevee Pokemon Time Room Pants -- $45
These are in brand-new condition, and have never been worn. I checked the pockets, and they are deep enough to put your 3DS and/or phone in them. These pants have a 26 to 30-inch waist.

(click for a full-sized image)

2015-09-20 17.37.41-1.jpg
(click to see a full-sized view)
Pan Sticker Sheet A -- Take all of these Pan stickers for $6

(click to see a full-sized view)
Pan Sticker Sheet B -- Take all of these Pan stickers for $5
roguishsportyroguishsporty on June 5th, 2017 10:15 am (UTC)
poke_zulapoke_zula on June 14th, 2017 08:35 am (UTC)
Thank you! I'll take that as a compliment to this post. :)
rockruffer: pic#127431420rockruffer on June 5th, 2017 11:37 am (UTC)

I'm going to come back to this post in 2 days when (hopefully) I get $80 from my gold ultra ball Pokémon card sale on eBay. Interested in the Zorua Plush but I know you don't do holds! So I'm just going to leave this comment as a bookmark and reply again in 2 days with a serious inquiry. Let me know if it's sold before then! Thank you ❤️

poke_zulapoke_zula on June 8th, 2017 10:27 pm (UTC)
Thank you for respecting my policies.

Good news! Zorua's still available. Let me know if you still want it.
rockruffer: pic#127431420rockruffer on June 8th, 2017 11:03 pm (UTC)
My gold ultra ball didn't even sell on eBay 😭 I re listed it, I'm hoping to get some money off of it, but until then I can't purchase the Zorua I'm sorry. Unless you want to do a Pokémon card trade for it (which you probably don't haha)


but if you are interested here's a link to my binder, I have some expensive stuff in it 😅 But I'll let you know if I'm ever interested again. Thank you!
poke_zulapoke_zula on June 9th, 2017 08:52 am (UTC)
Ahhh, I'm sorry to hear that. :/ Maybe it'll sell this time around!

Thank you for the offer, but I'm not really into cards. Though I know next to nothing about them, yours look really cool!
rockruffer: pic#127431420rockruffer on June 14th, 2017 10:20 am (UTC)
I'm back for the smiling Zorua! Maybe... eBay just listed 3 of these suckers for $17.98 from China. I'm most likely gonna buy those since I'm not fussed with waiting for them. I would link you but it would probably come up as spam. Haha

Would you be interested in price matching the Zorua with eBay? If not I'll pass this time, but I thought I'd ask! Thanks!
poke_zulapoke_zula on June 14th, 2017 07:02 pm (UTC)
I appreciate you asking, but no. If it's from China, it's pretty but guaranteed to be a bootleg (fake). My Zorua plush is real, official merchandise, and it wouldn't make sense to sell it for the price of a fake. :/
R!CEBOWLricebowl_gaming on June 9th, 2017 04:18 am (UTC)
Hello, would you be willing to accept an offer of $130 shipped, for your 1:1 Torchic/Mudkip plushes?
Sorry if you aren't taking offers, I didn't see anything about it in the rules.
poke_zulapoke_zula on June 9th, 2017 08:53 am (UTC)
Yes, occasional offers are okay!

$130 shipped total for the two of them? I'm afraid that's too low for me. I really want to sell these two for full price. Sorry about that.